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Script Hanuman addiction cycle

1. Two at the table

- Music - civil - inspiration for the table motive:

- Light - civil


a) Flashbacks - are short moments that are occurring randomly during the table number. The both characters are trying to pay too much attention they come back to each other to have a pleasant evening.

- Music - sounds of chairs as a short moments, “huh" - 01:41, (reminders of what the nest sound-wise was/will turn into after we define it)

- Light - projection - flashing images - projections on fabrics so that it looks like they are there imprinted and seen only in some light

b) Attacks - are attacks of addiction on the both characters at the table. The both characters are now starting to be a little worried but still with lightness. They are trying to avoid the light attacks or helping each other within the problems they are already having.

Music - short-circuit (zkrat) from metal space 01:36 together with hits echos 00:20 evolving into 03:39 high tones developing into a new theme/scena 05:20

Light - laser lines, rays of laser sowed through (protkán) the space where they sit

c) Dissolving losing the stability and falling apart into the next scene. The both characters were gotten by the strings and now they are physically dissolving. This serves as a bridge into the following scene. Technically needs to be prepared and installed the civil scene into the puppets. Either Honza in the space, Niina sitting behind the table.


Music - playing the music via the switches, 03:40 - dissolving motive, till heart beat 07:04 and on until strobo heart

Light - tricks with fabrics and uncovering by them different pictures of the projection, switching on different light streams a playing the lights together with them music, strobo with the heart


2. Gate chair - slow sinking/being swallowed by the chair and converting in the new organism

Music - chair reverse, long high tones, metal space, short-circuits/zkraty,

Světlo - laser from the middle of the chest, suggesting a laser/animation closer of a character and providing feed for the images

3. Slow first steps - opening up the structure of the puppet

Music - still overlaps of the reversed chair sounds

Light - dimmed, slowly awakening the characters, leading the way of lasers from the point of contact on different spots in the space

4. Nájezdy - the organism is moving in the space and reveals its structure



                                       The two characters are closed inside of the laser shape while their puppet characters are animated outside

5. Nasty high

Music - from throne mandalas - 06:50 (audio below) and on - sounds of bzučení (beehive), tikot, šumění etc. Sounds of what will be creating the scene of the nest later on, randomly flashes to reality (like in the beginning flashbacks), reminder of the theme song from the beginning, sudden silences with charged energy - charged and muted - see 00:11 (this muted sound of being so high that everything outside even inside becomes muted and slow)
Light - mandaly, moving mandalas,  flashes to the reality - strobo heart, cube, sudden silences, Cubes - see video "nasty high"growing as in 01:00 and 01:17

6. Dojezd


Light -

7. Nest

8. Eggs

19. End

metal space -
00:00 / 00:00
Diktat - heartbeat -
00:00 / 00:00
Chair Gate reverse -
00:00 / 00:00
trone - mandalas -
00:00 / 00:00
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