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Yellow Buoy


is a dance theater company that was founded in 2015 by Austrian/Czech choreographer Jan Jakubal. Yellow Buoy focuses on combining poetry of physical theater, contemporary dance, puppetry and audio-visual elements in order to create performances for wide range of audience without age or language limit. Yellow Buoy also produced various short films and videos and is based in Vienna, Austria.

Jan Jakubal

Late one afternoon in February, 1986, Jan took his snow sledge and put on his red bobble hat to lead an expedition of discovery. He spent much of that afternoon watching snow flakes melting on his gloves. Jan, a driven and often tormented soul, increased his worldwide reputation tenfold that day by his masterful downhill sledge run. As he flew down the hill he dreamt of been spotted by a crowd of people, he wanted to astonish them with his fantastic number! The bitter sweet taste on his warm nose of snot mixed with snow flakes and blood were an exquisite pleasure, the last he was to have for a very long time for alas, Jan was found laying under a tree, unconscious, having suffered wounds to the head and chest. He was just 5 years old. Jan spent the next 20 years in coma-like blizzard.

Each night when everything was quiet, he would wake up and visit many enchanting places. And it was in those places where he learned about taste, smell, various kinds of light, about the moments of isolation from home and also the feelings of coming back. His favourite place was at his Grandma's. The moments when he laid on her lap with her hands on his head. And when her fingers stopped being aware of what they wanted to do, it was when they became routine and almost official. Both of them did not even notice they were watching only a flicker of TV white snow noise. Throughout these experiences, Jan developed a great passion for detail, moments of closeness and intimacy in extraordinary relationships. This was all stored up inside of him and waiting to come out one day.  

Jan fully awoke from his little private coma in 2005 when he began training his voice, body and acting skills, visiting private courses and eventually professional training programs of performing art schools in order to make his childhood wish come true. It was in a dance studio and later on when he stood on stage when he saw the last snow flake melting on his blood filled palm. He understood then that he would never go back to what he was. Jan had his first professional theatre appearance (which was also his first professional acting job) when he was 25.

Ten years later his career still continues to rise, living in Vienna with an invisible snow sledge on his back, he believes there will/won't be a mountain too steep for him to ride.

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