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PREMIERE 13.10.2021

Yellow Buoy Company explores elements of mythological characters in connection with totalitarian regimes in their new show "Lost Mythologies". A special emphasis is put on structural elements of the myth and the mythic content in the processes of artificial construction of a new society.


Your heart’s palpitation is our missing ingredient. In the silence of your heart skipping a beat there is a tiny space where we can cross the borders into your unknown expressions. The missing ingredient and link. We will guide you through this pit, in the fashion of tradition, and graciously. Only then we can collect together all the seeds of missing stories and encrypt them for future generations.


"Lost Mythologies" is a combination of contemporary dance with puppetry & object theatre. The atmosphere of the performance is grotesque and dark with a comedic undertone. 


Target audience: Adults, children from 10 years up.

Language: without words

Duration: 45 min.


Made by Yellow Buoy

Choreography, Direction, Concept, Performance: Jan Jakubal

Puppet Design, Costume: Niina Lindroos 

Stage Design: Gudrun Lenk-Wane

Music, Composition: Jan Čechtický

Light Design: Martin Špetlík

Graphics, photo: Ivan Jakarić

Co production: Aura of Puppets

Supported by: ACT OUT, Austrian Embassy in Helsinki, 16th District Vienna Ottakring, The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike)

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