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HANUMAN - Addiction Cycle


​Humans have around fifty thousand separate thoughts each day, many of them on the same topic.


If each thought was a branch, the attention of our conscious mind is indeed a monkey, swinging from thought-branch to thought-branch all day long. Hanuman, a divine monkey, who manifests

in different forms by killing all the evil thoughts and helps us to transform our limitations embodies the transformative aspect of God.

The concepts of untamed mind, dependency and codependency have been leading us through the
creation. We involved very soon the concept of untamed mind as a probable cause of when we
give our attention to too many things at once rushing without focus from one point to another.
The exhausting nature of endless repetitions while we are enclosed in the cycle of addiction
might have a paradoxically fruitful potential of demolishing our world that we unconsciously
create and destroys the illusion we choose to live.


Through the instant forms that were generated by the stage design, audio-visual design, props,dancing or animating bodies and various combinations of them we created a stage object with astructure of an organism. The world of the performance is grotesque and dark with a comedic undertone. The goal is to present the human mind with its limitations and struggles on stage.


The production was be premiered in Austria 2020.

Target group: adults (11+ years)

The performance deals with its heavy subject matter with comedic means. In particular it addresses psychology professionals, students and others interested in the subject.

Concept: Jan Jakubal
Stage and Puppet Design, Costume: Niina Lindroos

Choreography, Performance: Esther Baio, Jan Jakubal
Music, Composition: Jan Čechtický
Light Design: Ada Halonen
Costume Advisor: Veronika Susanna Harb
Construction Consultant: Iisa Tähtinen

Photos & Video: Jussi Virkkumaa
Special thanks to: Mirek Lacko, Radim Vychopeň

Financial support by: Art District Praha 7, Ministerstvo Kultury CZ, Austrian Embassy in Helsinki, Aura of Puppets Finland, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, TOP-Säätiö, Wien 7 Neubau, Bundeskanzleramt - Kunst und Kultur (Austrian Federal Chancellery - Art and Culture), Hon.-Prof. (FH) Mag. Mario Lang





Technical rider

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