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a short film
by Jan Jakubal
with Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir

music by Juan Batanero

The concept of "male gaze" as a feature of gender power asymmetry in film.
The male gaze occurs when the camera puts the audience into the perspective of a heterosexual man. It may linger over the curves of a woman's body, for instance. The woman is usually displayed on two different levels: as an erotic object for both the characters within the film, as well as for the spectator who is watching the film. The man emerges as the dominant power within the created film fantasy. The woman is passive to the active gaze from the man.
The female gaze is the same as the male gaze. This means that women look at themselves through the eyes of men.

"power is a system of domination which controls everything and which leaves no room for freedom"
Michel Foucault

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