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Lost Mythologies


Lost Mythologies of Alt-Hietzing (pilot episode)

A Pilot Episode

26th - 27th October 

Come to experience decoding of unforeseen consequences and earlier mythologies of Alt-Hietzing in Vienna. Your heart’s palpitation is our missing ingredient. In the silence of your heart skipping a beat is a tiny space where we can cross the borders into your unknown expressions. You are the missing ingredient and link. We will guide you through this pit, in the fashion of tradition and graciously. Only then we can collect together all the seeds of missing stories and encrypt them for future generations. 


Esther Baio, Jan Jakubal, Gudrun Lenk-Wane, Tinian Ng, Ingeborg Schwab, Reto Schubiger, Andrea Szakal


Financial support: BasisKultur Wien, Hietzinger Verein, Theater Wagen


Special thanks: Evelyn Bauer, Alexander Felch

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